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... social media, smartphones, 24/7 online commerce, robotics, IoT, 3D printing, stem cells, fintech, wearables, self driving cars, augmented reality, AI ...

 Reimagine your Business for 2022 

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In this webinar, you’re going to find insights into the megatrends affecting Australia in the coming year.

  • The pandemic wash up

  • The trade disputes with China

  • Changes to population flows, inner city crowding and work from home practices

  • Digital and other tech changes

  • On shore manufacturing

  • Innovation challenges and missions


You’ll see risks and opportunities that your business can take advantage of to position yourself to make the most of the 'Brave New Normal.’

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I believe successful innovation requires a fusion of scientific evidence-based
thinking and outside-the-box creativity.

I began as a scientist, but while still in my twenties I started working in audio-visual production, designing communication solutions for businesses.
The ability to think from a different point of view, to provide innovative ways of doing things has been useful throughout a forty year career in diverse fields, including big pharma, taking a startup biotech to an IPO on the ASX, managing investments for a global merchant bank, providing marketing ideas for major companies and more recently in education, where I’ve shown you can teach entrepreneurial skills to academic scientists. I’ve had what they call now a T shaped career, with a deep dive into the commercialisation of science and some adventurous excursions into totally unrelated areas, but somehow it was all useful. Now, I’m passionate about leveraging what I’ve learnt to empower entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to get their world changing ideas tested, funded, developed and launched.   

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