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Discover how to future proof your business by transforming the way you lead, innovate and market in tough times


If you’re concerned about your:


•  Sales getting crushed by things beyond your control

•  Staff who are stressed and underperforming while you get burnt out
•  Being blindsided by a future you can’t predict


And you want to seize the kind of opportunities to make a fortune that only come up in times of crisis.


Here’s the secret:

to deal with disruption you need to become a disrupter, starting with yourself. 


The kind of thinking that got you to where you are worked when it was business as usual.

Those days are over – even when the pandemic is over.


When the game changes you need to play a different game. 


Now you need the mindset, the strategies, the marketing of a disruptive innovator. 

New circumstances are providing huge opportunities for some and disasters for others. It’s time for a new game plan.


As an entrepreneur who’s founded 5 companies in different industries and developed several game changing innovations over four decades, I’ve seen what empowers some companies and some leaders to make the most of these times, while others miss the cut.


And over the last decade I’ve been coaching founders in Startups, entrepreneurs in Scaleups, and Innovation Managers in large corporations.  I’ve put everything I’ve learned into a complete online accelerator program that shows you how to turn tough times into the biggest opportunity of your life.

The BizBattlePlan

•  Gives you cutting edge training in leadership and team building

•  Shows you how to use scenario planning to position your business for any future

•  Reveals a step by step plan to develop game changing innovations

•  Lays out how to generate high impact marketing messages

•  Explains how to shift or transform your business model to find new sales


Even if you think your business can’t overcome your current obstacles, this program will show you how to reinvent it, or if you need to, how to start over. 


And if you think you’re too busy to look at something now, this is the very time to lift your vision to find new ways to avoid emerging risks and seize new market opportunities. Before it’s too late.


The BizBattlePlan is a comprehensive online growth accelerator, with videos and worksheets, supported by weekly coaching/question and answer sessions.

Here’s what clients have to say:





“Using Tom’s business battle plan has provided me with valuable tools to address the uncertainty we face at the moment, and to seek out opportunities that we weren’t even considering a
matter of weeks ago.  You need to take the time to focus and to think differently.  I’ve been in business for 20 years and haven’t seen anything like this, so it’s anything but business as usual for us.”


Dean Constable, owner and CEO, Fusion IPL Logistics

“It’s been Tom’s mentoring capabilities that have rapidly adjusted my thinking from that of general management to one of looking at how the business can embrace innovation and have it form part of our DNA. So, as a result, we now have a number of large innovation and transformational projects on the
drawing board for next year.”


Jamie Dahlsen, General Manager – Manufacturing, Technology & Development. JC Dahlsen Group

“When you’re managing, running and leading a company it’s actually quite lonely at the top.

It’s great to have someone like Tom, who’s been there, done that. Tom has helped us narrow in on what our customer’s ‘hair on fire’ problem is and when you really understand that this magic thing happens.  You start to
simplify your marketing message and put the right package together.  He
understands what to do in the sales funnel.  We’ve significantly improved our sales.  It’s fantastic working with someone who actually gives a damn.
 I would highly recommend Tom to
anyone to do these modules, online, face to face, or by zoom.  


Fi Mercer, founder and CEO,
Governance Evaluator

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