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Innovation is well, innovative, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a set of principles and steps to guide your journey from inspiration to impact. To be an entrepreneur you need to have a certain natural spark, but there’s more to it than that. You accelerate your progress when you learn where the landmines are and how to find a path to reach your dreams. After being an entrepreneur and CEO for years, my purpose now is to provide the tools and the roadmap for innovators and entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential in business and in life. You might be a startup founder, the owner or CEO of a fast-growing scale up business or a leader in a mature organisation facing change and wanting to build a more innovative culture to compete and grow. Over 4 decades I’ve been in all of those positions and learned from success and from failure what works and what doesn’t.
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Money isn’t the problem.
The problem is nailing the customer’s problem.

Have you got a team to deliver the goods?
Have you got inside investor’s minds?
Have you made your company investable?
Do you understand the roadmap?


Marketing isn’t the problem.
The problem is working on the business more than in the business
Is the founder the best person to be the CEO?
Have you got the systems to cope with growth?
Have you got a strategy to reach those lofty goals?

mature organisations

The problem isn’t new technology. The problem is developing new business without disrupting existing business
Do you have an innovation process?
Do you know how to think like a startup?
Have you independently resourced an innovation team? Do you understand the innovation journey?

InnovationConsult offers workshops & coaching to accelerate your innovation and entrepreneurial journey.
Would you like to learn more?
Contact Tom Williams for a free 45 minute session to get crystal clear on your vision,
what’s in the way of reaching it and sketching out a roadmap for success.


The innovation roadmap and related processes are useful for :

Developing a purpose driven organisation
Scoping customer issues crying out for innovation
Developing a multi dimensional map to select the best bet
Researching the jobs any new products or services need to do
Designing possible new products or services from a
clean slate
Developing new business models for existing products and service
Enrolling employees into constant innovation contributions
Avoiding being blindsided by
others disruptive innovations
Testing value proposition hypotheses with customers
Developing a Pitch and raising Finance
Finding partners and negotiating deals
Marketing strategy and copywriting
Assessing impact and next steps

InnovationConsult can be engaged in a variety of, well, innovative ways, including fee for service, by time, by project, by result, or under some circumstances, in exchange for equity.




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