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Scaleup your business. Scaleup your life.

Most founders are so caught up in the daily hamster wheel of getting everything done that they've lost touch with the sense of mission that inspired them to start their business in the first place.

Building a company can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes it’s a bit too exciting, as the stress levels rise.  You run out of hours in the day, but there's still more to do.  Not everyone on your team is rowing in harmony.  Sometimes they’re not even rowing in the same direction.  The sales aren’t climbing like you’d like them too, the back office stuff is getting out of control and your family is wondering when the good times, or at least some time with them is coming. 


Building a successful business is not a mystery.  It’s not easy by any means, but there’s a hard way and if not an easier way, at least a more assured way of doing it.  You can try to find it by trial and error, (I tried that myself) or you can follow a process with proven stepping stones.

But can entrepreneurship be learned?  Passion and drive need to be there, but beyond that, is there a skill set that can be learned?  Are there a few consistent, fundamental pillars of growing a business that can be understood?  Is there a roadmap to follow, even when you need to go off-road?


After founding five businesses and developing some innovations that changed the game in several industries, I discovered there are 5 pillars every business needs in place and 7 skills every entrepreneur needs to understand and install, in order to build a sustainable, high growth business.  When these elements are properly in place, you cannot fail.


Click the link below to take the Ready to ScaleUp Scorecard quiz, to find out if any of the 5 pillars are missing in your business.  It’s free and you’ll get valuable feedback on where to transform your foundations.  Find out how to get your business motoring.  Learn how to plan your route, enjoy the journey and even take a holiday once in a while.


 Change your own life, while changing the lives of your customers.  


Money isn’t the problem.
The challenge is nailing the customer’s problem.

Have you got a team to deliver the goods?
Have you got inside investor’s minds?
Have you made your company investable?
Do you understand the roadmap?


Marketing isn’t the problem.
The challenge is working on the business rather than in

the business.

Is the founder the best person to be the CEO?
Have you got the systems to cope with growth?
Have you got a strategy to reach those lofty goals?

mature organisations

The problem isn’t finding new tech. The challenge is developing new business alongside existing business
Do you have an innovation process?
Do you know how to think like a startup?
Have you independently resourced an innovation team? Do you understand the innovation journey?

InnovationConsult offers workshops & coaching to help you

Build a Better Business & Build a Better World.
Would you like to learn more about the 5 +7 Sustainable Growth Formula?
Apply to now for a free 30 minute breakthrough session to get crystal clear on your vision,
the gap you need to bridge to reach it and a 12 month roadmap for success.


I believe entrepreneurs are the change makers, with the future of the world and their own lives at stake.

My mission is to develop the coaching methods and programs to empower them to reach their potential and deliver their dreams.

I started out as a scientist, but became fascinated by business and marketing, so in my mid- twenties, I jumped ship to co-found an audio visual production business, launching new products for major companies like GM, Ford, Kodak and others.  Over the years I have founded 5 businesses in different industries and developed some game changing innovations like the world's first Business Class for Qantas.  


In those days there was no training for entrepreneurs or any recognised path to follow, so I struggled to understand what to focus on and how to succeed.  I had a couple of successful exits with the sale of my investment management business to a global bank and in floating a biotech company on the Australian Stock Exchange.  I also had a couple of duds and probably learned more from those than the successes.


Slowly I began to crystalise the essential foundations of a business that can scale and the necessary skills that an entrepreneur must master. Now I’ve refined them and tested that they work by coaching other founders to accelerate the growth of their businesses, while also getting back more time to do as they choose.


I call it the 5 plus 7 Sustainable Growth Formula.  It can transform your business and give you back your peace of mind.


More growth.  Less stress.

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The Sustainable Growth Formula and related processes are useful for :

Developing a  scalable, purpose driven business
Differentiating your brand

Choosing your ideal customer
Creating a winning value proposition 
Designing new products from a
clean slate
Developing new business models
for existing products
& services
Recruiting the A players for key roles
Building values into a living culture
Holding high performers accountable
Developing a Pitch and raising Finance
Creating processes for operational excellence
Marketing strategy and copywriting
Assessing impact and next steps

InnovationConsult can be engaged in a variety of, well, innovative ways, including fee for service, by time, by project, by result, or under some circumstances, in exchange for equity.



Tom Williams
0419 868 911

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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Build a better business.  Build a better world.

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